12 de junio de 2014

Participation of students and teachers from Santa Clara Institute Comenius Project ‘Green Skills for Global Change’

Por Spanish Comenius team. IES Santa Clara (Santander).

We left our school early the rainy wednesday morning January 15th. We left by bus from Santander airport to Bilbao, the three teachers (Eliseo Rabadán, Francisco J. Alonso del Val and Azucena Santiago Echeverría) responsible, with four students (Jorge Garcia, Bruno Carral, Jesus Bedoya and Carla Alonso) of our institute.

We Arrived to Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon, where teachers of the international groups stayed. The families who hosted our four students (baccalaureate 1) took them to their homes, where they shared various experiences, as for example they watched a match of Benfica football team, their first night’s stay.
The second day at the Colegio Guadalupe (our host partner), we presented the student in the Portuguese school on the project: relationships and connections between the local / global in the heart of sustainable development and ecology. It was chosen by vote the common logo for our project.
We also visited Cabo de Roca where it is located the westernmost point of Europe, and we had a guided tour in English, in the Palacio da Pena, near the town of Sintra, in which students and teachers shared a meal in a hotel that used to visit the famous writer Eça de Queiroz.
One of the educational experiences directly linked to the contents of our own project, with interesting explanations guides by two specialists in sustainable development and organic crops, was the visit to Organic Farm in school.
We also visited the operation and history of organic wine company in Quinta do Sanguinhal Pombarral. A huge academic experience fertility for the group of teachers from the seven partner countries of the project: Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, France (Reunion Island), Holland, Denmark and Turkey. The explanations of our guide were truly admirable. There was also coexistence of teachers sharing the famous Portuguese fado music.
We had meetings to organize the next meeting in Slovenia will be the month of May. As a farewell, students and teachers had a dinner party, including music and dance for young students.
On Sunday, we flought back to Bilbao and from their home in Santander by bus. At home, each family gathered students and the student who had certainly lived an unforgettable experience.
We still have much work to do, the project will continue throughout this year and next. It is worth because we are learning and preparing all tools to enhance our abilities to adapt to the changes that the process of globalization brings us all from our local societies.

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